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My New Website!

I kinda forgot about this blog and I left it for a while, that’s because I have a new website and it is:

Unlike a blog, I can’t add posts, I can add my drawings and write about myself, you can still comment on my drawings and stuff. 🙂 My website is much better than my blog, I don’t know why, but that’s what I think. Hope you like it! 😀

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Drawing anime using watercolor pencils by Sophie-chan

This is a video by Sophie chan, i mentioned her before in one of the posts. So this is a video by her, I leave you to enjoy 🙂

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Jeddah Is Half Destroyed

Jeddah is Half Destroyed

The Residents of Jeddah Are Victims

By Reem Al-Shareef

The flood that happened in Jeddah was disastrous. It destroyed many places including houses, buildings, and even streets in south and west Jeddah. The flood happened on Wednesday the 25th of November, 2009. That day, it rained continuously for about 5 hours, and the rain wasn’t able to do anything but flooding the streets; that’s because Jeddah doesn’t have an appropriate sewage network that is city-wide. The government built a huge sewage dump that is locally called “the musk lake”, which they dump waste in it. The sewage dump can’t handle the waste anymore and it’s about to flood; that may happen because when the rain came it flooded the streets, and it almost flooded the dump. Other countries get to have rain continuously and nothing happens there because of the structure of their cities. The floods shamed the royals; they decreased the number of dead people –which is more than 800 people- to a bit over 100 people, and the people missing are over 11,000 people in the sea.

People are now used to see many gatherings because of the rescue operations and recovery of missing bodies. Many people call that hole at Kilo 11 near Um Al- Salam district east of the Haramain Expressway “the death hole” because underneath it is a large number of covered bodies. Some people camp there to see the uncovered bodies. Meanwhile, the residents of Riyadh are getting nervous; rain is predicted for the central Nejd and the capital’s drainage infrastructure is not better than Jeddah’s. Riyadh has seen lots of floods, but they were less damaging. The government told the residents living near the sewage dump to evacuate immediately because they are afraid that the dam that is holding the sewage dump is going to burst that would cause a big flood.

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A villager once went to a wise old man and asked him:

-What is learning?
-Knowing something that you didn’t know before.

-What is passion?
-Loving something extremely that you can’t forget about easily.

-What is humbleness?
-Doing something great, and not wanting to be thanked for it.

-Who is a problem solver?
-Someone who can solve people’s problems but can’t solve his own.

-What is impossible?
-Being like me!

Written by: Reem

Tuesday, March 18, 2010

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Code Geass

إنها الـ5:50 دقيقة تماماً آخر دقائقي مع “كود جياس” .. تعجز روحي عن التعبير / عن الشكر / عن الحديث حتى ، فقد باتت رؤية هذا المؤلف أحد أمنياتي الأول .. و على الرغم علمي بالنهاية مسبقًا إلاّ أنها مختلفة تمامًا عن التي رسمتها مخيلتي ..

احتضانه لـِ سوزاكو ، صديق طفولته الحميم ، و الذي كاد أن يفقد صداقته في العديد من المواقف ، إلا أن أرواحهما كانت تأبى ذلك دائمًا و أبدًا ..

سوزاكو .. الآن ستصبح حليف العدالة” – لولوش بل أنت من ستظل حليف العدالة و إن كان من خلف الستار

أخي …” – لا تكاد تفارق أذناي صرخات نانالي ، كيف لا بعد أن عاد لها بصرها لـِ ترى أخوها غارقًا في دمائه

سأدمر .. العالم .. و أعيد .. بناءه” – كانت تلك كلماتكَ الأخيرة ..

لقد مات الشيطان لولوش” – ليس شيطانًا يا كورونيليا ! ليس شيطانًا أبدًا ..


فقط أتساءل كيف لمخيلةِ هذا الكاتب أن تصل إلى هذا الحد من الإبداع و النظرة البعيدة المدى ؟! لماذا يعجز كتابنا العرب عن كتابة رواية تجاري ما كان هنا ؟ رواية بعيدًا عن معاني الحب الفاسد .. و كأننا نعيش من أجل الحب فقط ! هناك الكثير لنعيش من أجله ، و هناك الكثير لنفعله أيضًا ..

ماذا عن العيش بسلام ؟ ماذا عن تحقيق أماني من حولنا ؟ ماذا و ألف ماذا يمكن لعقولنا أن تُدركها ..

ألا تلاحظون أن هذا المسلسل هو انعكاس لواقعنا الحالي لكن بصورة مُحوّرة يكاد لا يدركها إلا القليل ! إنه واقعنا نعم .. لكن أين يمكن أن نجد فيه كل من سوزاكو و لولوش؟! أين ؟! ..

لولوش ، سوزاكو ، شارلي ،كارين ، نانالي ، أوغي ، فليتا ، كورونيليا ، يوفي ، رولو ، و الجميع .. (شكرًا) تنطق بها كل جوارحي ..


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* a clean, flat, well-lit drawing surface.

* a drawing table, desk, kitchen table, or even a coffe table will do.

* paper or board to draw on.

* a drawing medium.

paper depending on your needs you can draw on 2- to 4-ply bristol board sheets or sheet of bond printer paper. differnet paper produce different results.

coloring colored pencils are easy to use, easy to find. they come in a variety of colors and shades. colored markers can be difficult to master, but they produce very professional-looking results. painting your work can be paintsatking and difficult, but the results are often very beautiful.

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hope u have  a gr8 time!

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MANGA FANTASY MADNESS by David Okum is also a gr8 book.

it has over 60 basic lessons for drawing warriors, wizards monsters and more!

manga fantasy madness will show u how to:

1. style and pose a variety of heroes and villains.

2. draw details, from wings to weapons.

3. invent lively setting and unique stories.

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MANAGA MONSTER MADNESS by David Okum is another gr8 book that might help u alot!

it has over 50 basic lessons for drawing mutants, robots, dragons and more!! it’s a step by step color-full lessons that will give u the skills and secrets u need to create aewsome monsters.

do u want ur characters to have punch? personality? manga monster madness will show u how. in this complete guide you’ll find:

1. drawing basics such as shading, color, anatomy and creating 3-D forms.

2. Japanese terms, traditions and mythology.

3. quick tips giving u details about every monster.

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Girl To Grrrl!

GIRL TO GRRRL by Colleen Doran is a book that would help u draw manga in a better way.

u will learn after u read this book:

1. how to draw the shoujo face and form.

two of the most imortant aspects to shoujo characters are the head and face.

2. absolutely fabulous fashions and styles.

look in the book for simple tricks to create the special details of shoujo manga including hair, clothes, and other fun frills!

3. the shougo styles

explore drawing in the different shoujo styles: classic, retro, children’s aesthetic, modern and illustrative. there is more than one look in shoujo manga, and u can even create ur own!

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